By Priestly

So last night the Priestly family was treated to the Mix 1065 advance screening of Saban’s Power Rangers. This movie is getting a lot of mixed reviews, so as you’ve come to expect from me…this review shoots straight and let’s you know whether or not this is a movie worth spending your hard earned dollars on taking the family or is it just better off to wait for it to come home on digital download or Netflix or worse wait for cable?

Right off the bat let me say I am not a seasoned Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan, that being said when I saw the trailer for this movie, I got very pumped up! Jack who is nine years old, Parker and Olivia my twins are eight years old also agreed, this one looks really cool and let us all just tell you, it is! For many of the tried and true fans out there, rest assured, the Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa, Angel Grove, Zordon and a whole bunch of other favorite’s from your childhood past are all here in a movie that takes a page from other films like the Breakfast Club!

Beyond the really cool special effects the story between the five Rangers and their relationships is equally as entertaining and gripping. The blue ranger Billie, one of my personal favorites, is super interesting because he has autism and is by far one of the best characters.  Bryan Cranston as Zordon was awesome Elizabeth Banks take on Rita Repulsa and was fun and true to the character.

Themes of friendship, respect, and forgiveness are all mainstays throughout the movie. It does take time for the team to come together to create the Power Rangers, but patience is a virtue. Speaking of, I highly recommend sitting through the credits!!!  There is a cut scene and the fanboys in the crowd went ballistic!

Overall my kids gave it a 10 out of 10 I give it a 9 out of 10, I don’t think the Power Rangers will have what it takes to take down Beauty And The Beast at the box office, but I do believe we’ve got a hit on our hands and a strong franchise to serve us up some more Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies in the future! Go and enjoy Saban’s Power Rangers!  It opens tonight!!!


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