Ten Random Things and the Age You’re Best at Them

What’s the best age to run a marathon, find someone to marry, or make your highest salary? The answers may surprise you.

Business Insider looked at a bunch of scientific studies, and came up with a list of random things, and the age when you’re best at them.  At least statistically.  Here are the ten we thought were interesting:

1.  Learning a new language.  Your ability to do it peaks when you’re around 7 or 8.

2.  Remembering people’s names: 22 years old.

3.  Finding someone to marry: 26 years old.

4.  Running a marathon: 28 years old.

5.  Playing chess: 31 years old.

6.  Remembering people’s faces: also 31 years old.

7.  Winning a Nobel Prize: 40 years old.  That’s when the average winner has done it.

8.  Making your peak salary at work: 39 years old for women, and 48 for men.

9.  Doing math in your head: believe it or not, around 50 years old.

10.  Having a strong vocabulary: late 60s or early 70s.  There’s a bit of a decline after that.

And in general, our happiness level peaks at 23, and again at 69.

Find out more peak ages here.


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