By Priestly

As soon as the movie starts…you feel this sense of nostalgia come over you and it never stops!

Fans of the original animated Beauty And The Beast can take a huge sigh of relief. Disney knocked it out of the park on this!

Emma Watson IS Belle…Kevin Kline’s updated take on Belle’s father Maurice was great! Dan Stevens’ portrayal of the Beast…perfect! Disney’s creation of the digital beast was excellent! At first, due to my previous notions of the animated Beast, it took me a moment to fully accept this new living look…but as Belle discovers the prince inside, we accept more and more, the realness of the Beast. By movie’s end, Beast is as loved as the original animated version. It was quite the digital feet…and they did it!

The supporting cast is AMAZING!

Josh Gad’s controversial character LeFou is La-FABULOUS!  Honestly, for ALL the anti-gay sentiment from movie theaters and parent groups, it just proves your ignorance and intolerance of alternate lifestyles and you are wrong for judging before seeing.  The hype is appalling and after seeing the movie, it’s all innuendo and nothing in your face…Josh Gad should be commended for an awesome performance!

Gaston, played by Luke Evans…crushed it!!!! Then you have Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Sir Ian McLellan as Cogsworth, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts…they were ALL lovable and laugh out loud funny!

As the original Disney animated version was a musical, this is too.

The music from the original was as important a character to the film as was Belle and The Beast…it’s as strong here too!  At times the movie feels like the cartoon, because of the music and at other times screams of a Broadway show, also thanks to the music!  At the end of the “Be Our Guest” scene, the audience applauded as if it was the stage presentation…I wanted to stand and cheer, but I embarrass myself and family enough!

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The Priestly crew taking in Beauty And The Beast! (Photo Credit: Anthea P)

The movie never disappoints!  The new music and new scenes completely fit in with the movie and actually add to the story, without ever taking away from it.  It’s a movie that is amazing for the entire family.  My crew LOVED it!  Olivia and Jack said 10 out 10!!  Anthea and I agreed and at times both admitted to welling up…it’s awesome!  Parker (who is Olivia’s twin bro and 8 years old)…he said 2 and ½ stars and asked to see the 10p screening of Logan, but I think he really loved it too.  Also we experienced it in Imax 3D…it worked!

Anyone who is a fan of the original, treat yourself to a beautiful telling of a classic. It opens tonight.  Also from what I hear…this could go down in history as the biggest grossing movie to open in March!

I may have to go see it again!!!


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