My number one pet peeve, “say what you mean, mean what you say.”  Ask my wife and kids…nothing bugs me more….

There’s no wonder why people don’t trust or believe anybody any longer, and quite frankly it’s annoying.  I pride myself on my word being my bond.   When I tell you I’m going to do something you better believe it’s getting done, not only that but to the best of my ability.  Don’t get me started on mediocrity, that’s a whole other blog!  That said…emergencies happen…absolutely…S happens, BUT as I type this the people whom I’m referring too, are already getting butt hurt by me even talking about this…so they all will remain nameless.

Recently I was asked to be captain for the Radio team at the annual Baltimore Blast Celebrity Media game…which means recruiting players.  Of the 4 people from my building who committed, 3 backed out HOURS before the game!!!  Which left our team very under staffed. My life’s motto, when handed lemons make lemonade and when reaching for silver linings create the most beautiful silver jewelry, so that’s what I did.

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Both Teams…TV v Radio!!!

Turned out to be a great opportunity to have my two sons Parker and Jack play as well as their two friends who they play soccer.  Therefore making 4 little boys dreams come true, now only if we would’ve won!  That however is completely irrelevant because after the game coach Priestly chalked it up to an experience, and that experience was awesome!!!  Life is full of disappointments, it’s how we handle them…what we learn from them and always remember, the golden rule…do unto others as you would have others do unto you…so make sure, “you say what you mean…and mean what you say”.

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Baltimore Blast Media Halftime Match

That said…we had a Blast with the Baltimore Blast…and Momma P was on the sideline taping the entire game…so enjoy…the kids are AMAZING!!


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