I can’t believe what a hot topic this movie “A Dog’s Purpose” has become.  I refuse to blindly follow anyone or anything (that said, my family and I saw it)…the story/video released from TMZ is shrouded in doubt and the more info that comes out…proves the story to be false!  Especially what was released yesterday by The American Humane Association:

And I quote:

The American Humane Association, which monitors animals on movie sets and had a representative present during filming, said on Tuesday that the video was “misleading and edited.” Production was stopped after Hercules showed signs of stress, and he was not forced to swim, it said.

Several of the association’s findings were echoed by Gavin Polone, the film’s producer, in a column in The Hollywood Reporter, and by Birds and Animals Unlimited on its website. Mr. Polone said he was not present for the scene but had watched unedited footage of the day’s filming.

For the rest…https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/25/arts/a-dogs-purpose-abuse-video-scandal.html?_r=0

I love my Benji!!! (Photo Credit: Priestly)

I love my Benji!!!
(Photo Credit: Priestly)

Now, put the he said/she said drama aside…let’s talk about the movie!!!  Based off the book by W. Bruce Cameron…A Dog’s Purpose, introduces us to a dog named Bailey who throughout his lives is reincarnated as other dogs, yet maintains his old memories.

I was concerned that this would be a tear jerker of mass proportions…it has its moments but they are balanced out with MANY hilarious moments…moments that any person who ever owned a dog will find funny and accurate.  The story covers DECADES…and they are represented perfectly!  Loved the music, the clothes and the looks of the times…GRAND SLAM!

The story of Bailey and his owner Ethan is heartwarming to say the least.  The issues we had were more in the human stories being told.  Ethan has a rough upbringing, thanks to a less than stellar Dad.  Those scenes are harder to watch than the leaked footage of what was portrayed as animal cruelty by TMZ.  Those were the moments that weighed heavily on my kids…as well as me amd my wife.  Growing up is tough.

I really loved this movie.  I LOVE animals.  It’s NEVER ok to hurt an animal…or a person for that matter.  That said, I believe the producers and people who brought the film to life over PETA and TMZ.  If there was actual cruelty taking place…any true animal rights activist would never have sat on this footage for 15 months.  This was sabotage with intent to profit.

Due to the storyline content and the repeated death of the lead dog…it may be too much for under 9.  That comes from one of my twins, Parker…who told me after the movie that he cried.  I assured him that was ok…I did too and so did Mommy.  At one point in the movie, Jack, my big boy grabs my arm and says “Dad, its ok…it’s just a movie”!!!!  Yeah…it is…A GREAT MOVIE!

Ignore the negative hype…the actors rocked (human and animal)…a must see for all dog lovers for sure!

Benji LOVES his Daddy!!! (Photo Credit: Priestly)

Benji LOVES his Daddy!!!
(Photo Credit: Priestly)


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