Chances Are You Will Not Get A Reply To That Email You Sent

It’s really easy to ignore an email.  You see it come in on your phone, read it, say “I’ll respond later when I have a chance,” and then you NEVER DO.  Turns out you’re just another statistic.

According to a new study by Boomerang, when you send an email, there’s only a 34% chance you’ll get a response.  That means two out of every three emails you send are just going to dangle out there forever.

Here are a few more results from the study:

1.  If you make a typo in your email subject line, your chance of getting a response drops to 29%.

2.  If you start your subject with a lowercase letter, your chance of getting a response drops to 28%.

3.  Mondays are the worst days to send emails.  It’s when we’re most likely to make typos and most likely to have an angry overall tone to what we write.

4.  Emails between 50 and 125 words are the most likely to get a response.  And emails with subject lines that are three to four words are most likely to be opened.

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