One thing that can be said about 2016, which was a weird year for almost everyone, it had some great viral videos in it.

See if you can remember where you were when you watched these popular videos:

Chewbacca Mom

Chewbacca Mom’s candid dopeyness was a significant pivot. Turns out it’s nice and makes you grind your teeth less to watch someone who isn’t trying to end up on morning talk shows.

Brothers Convince Little Sister of Apocalypse

A prank by some earnest boys who say things like “what the heck” on their sister named Millicent who says things like “you’re driving like a slug.”

Mannequin Challenge Compliation

It’s cool! When people do it well, it’s really neat to watch.

Damn Daniel

It’s just some nice boys goofing off! Not to say “pure” but it’s pretty pure. People started using it as a phrase in daily life.

Man Punches A Kangaroo 

Yep, you read that correctly. This man punched a kangaroo in the face to protect his dog.


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