By Brian Ives

A decade after releasing her solo debut, The Duchess, Fergie is getting ready to unleash the follow-up, Double Duchess. Earlier this year, she released “M.I.L.F.$” and now she’s promoting the next song, “Life Goes On.” She came to to discuss it, the upcoming album, and what her solo work means for her future with the Black Eyed Peas.\


Tell me about “Life Goes On.”

I co-wrote it with Toby Gad, who I did “Big Girls Don’t Cry” with, and also “Save It ’Til Morning” and “Love is Pain.”

He’s one of those guys that he’s very soft-spoken. He’s like, “Fergie, what’s going on in your life? Tell me what’s going on.” I just feel safe with him to kinda just dump everything that I’m going through. He’s just one of those people in my life for me.

And it’s like a therapy session when I go to him. I’m not going to him and going, “Let’s write ‘M.I.L.F.$’ or ‘Fergalicious’” or something like that. He’s one I feel totally safe with just going to that deeper level of vulnerability and emotion and just kind of letting my guard down and letting my journals just create a song, follow through and create a song.

He gets on piano, or he’ll get on guitar, and it’s just really organic. He’ll say, “I like the melody,” and he’ll keep going, and we’ll pick, and I’ll just kind of go and vamp, and we’ll listen back and pick the pieces that we like, kind of put something together, and the subject kind of just reveals itself.

I imagine that you wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing a lot of these songs to a Black Eyed Peas session.

Well, I would just feel way too… [it would be] kind of like taking up all the space in the room with all of these female emotions. I wouldn’t feel right taking up that much space. It is a group, and I love that magic of the group. It’s an amazing thing, and we have experienced some of the most unexplainable moments with each other that you can’t even really get unless you were there, us four. And so they’re just family to me.

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