What is your favorite food to have on Thanksgiving? Your answer could tell you more about your personality than you knew!

If you like…

Mashed Potatoes: You’re The Life Of The Party

“You are so popular. When you’re around, everyone talks about you. You’re the glue that holds everyone together, and because of that, people are willing to work ridiculously hard to make sure you’re just right.”

Sweet Potato Casserole? Your’e The Indecisive One

“You can’t make decisions, and because of that, you insist on having things two different ways at the same time. Savory or sweet? You want both!”

Pumpkin Pie, You’re The Overly Nice One

“You clearly enjoy the sweeter side of life, but you understand that sometimes you have to wait to find it. You don’t waste valuable stomach space on meat or savory sides, which makes people around you question your sanity. You are a dear, and you’re so nice that people don’t blame you for holding out for that perfect thing to satisfy.”

Cranberry Sauce Means You’re The Perfectionist

“There are so many moving parts and people contributing that you just know that something is always bound to be screwed up. So why bother having to deal with the flaws of the big ticket items when you can focus on the perfect tangy bliss that goes well with everything? How strongly you dislike the canned stuff determines just how serious you are about your cranberry sauce.”

Turkey Means You Like The Attention

“You certainly know how to command a presence, which might make others jealous. People are excited when you show up, because you’re the guest of honor.”

You can see the rest of the list here! 


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