Bieber promises to have more to say on a issue that may not be on the radar of many fans.

By Amanda Wicks

Medical marijuana companies have a spokesman in Justin Bieber if they’re looking for a major pop celebrity to help spread word about their cause. The singer tweeted out a link to a video on October 2nd, which details how big pharmaceutical companies have spent millions of dollars combatting medical marijuana legislation.

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“This is important. A friend showed me this. I’m going to be talking more about this. We all need to pay attention,” he tweeted along with the link to ATTN’s Facebook page. The video ATTN posted goes through the many cases where big pharma companies have ponied up major bucks to keep states from altering the legality and availability of medical marijuana.

The makers of fentanyl, the drug that killed Prince, spent $500 million blocking legislation in Arizona. Fentanyl is about 100 times stronger than morphine and has been dubbed the “kill pill” for the number of people who overdose on it each year (via CNN). But that company is not alone. Makers of other pain pills, like oxycontin, nucynta and others, have each spent money to block medical marijuana from becoming more widely available.

The Biebs hasn’t said much else about the issue, but given his tweet the public will hear more from him in the future.

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