By Reagan

A new survey found 68% of us think kids should get an allowance for doing chores.  40% said it should start between 8 and 10 years old, and about 30% said it should start as early as 5.

Here are 11 chores, and how much the average person thinks they’re worth, according to a survey by Country Financial Security Index:

1.  Mowing the lawn, $6.28 each time they do it.  That’s the priciest one on the list.

2.  Cleaning the garage, $5.20.

3.  Doing laundry, $2.82.

4.  Cleaning a common area like the living room, $2.72.

5.  Being responsible for a pet.  Meaning feeding or walking them, $2.66.

6.  Sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming, $2.55.

7.  Dusting or wiping down countertops, $2.20.

8.  Cleaning their bedroom, $2.07.  Plus an extra $1.18 if they make their bed.

9.  Doing the dishes, $2.03.

10.  Taking out the trash, $1.90.

11.  Setting the table, $1.31.


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