By Reagan

Human laziness knows no bounds.  But at least you can take comfort knowing that for every time you’ve texted someone in the next room instead of getting up, someone out there is doing something even lazier.

There was a discussion on a while back where people revealed the laziest things they’ve ever done.  Here are eight of the best ones:

1.  “I ordered underwear from Amazon with overnight delivery because I didn’t want to do laundry.”

2.  “I live behind a Chinese restaurant.  I called in a delivery order and had them hand the food to me over the back fence.”

3.  “I was half asleep downstairs and didn’t want to go upstairs to pee, so I used the kitty litter box.”

4.  “I would take a route that was about eight times longer to a college class to avoid having to walk up a hill.”

5.  “A friend almost got into an accident because he refused to take the car off cruise control . . . since it would mean, quote, ‘I’d have to hit the button again.'”

6.  “The TV volume was too low and the remote was across the room, so I downloaded a remote app on my phone and used that to turn up the volume.”

7.  “I let my dog lick my armpits clean.”

8.  “I wore pants in 100-degree weather to avoid shaving my legs.”



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