By Maria Dennis

A researcher at Duke University wanted to find out what would motivate people to work harder… a small bonus, props from their boss or free pizza.

And PIZZA did surprisingly well.

He did the study at a factory in Israel that makes computer chips, and sent three emails to three different groups of workers every day for a week.

One said they’d get free pizza if they met a certain goal by the end of the day, another said they’d get a compliment from their boss and the third one said they’d get a $30 bonus.

And on day one, the employees who got pizza did more work than ANYONE.  It increased productivity by 6.7%, just edging out a compliment from the boss at 6.6%.

For some reason, a $30 bonus actually made people do LESS work.  They were about 5% more productive on the first day but did 13% less work than normal on day two and 6.5% less over the course of the week.

A compliment from the boss ended up having the biggest impact over the course of the entire week, and pizza was a close second.  But that might be because we just don’t want pizza five days in a row.


(New York Magazine)


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