By Annie Reuter

Demi Lovato caught some heat this weekend after posting a joke her mom made about the Zika virus on Snapchat.

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In the clip, Lovato’s mom remarks, “Everybody down in Rio gonna get the Zika virus,” as Lovato cracks up off camera. Soon after, Internet users were criticizing Lovato and her mom for making fun of a public health crisis.

Lovato later apologized, stressing that she wasn’t mocking the Zika outbreak. “In no way did I mean to offend anyone last night. I was laughing at how southern my mom sounded, not the issue at hand. Deepest apologies,” she tweeted.

Later, the singer returned to social media to tell her fans the haters aren’t bringing her down. “It’s an awesome feeling when you’re so content with life and yourself that hate doesn’t effect you. Feelin’ good y’all,” she posted.

Lovato is currently on the road with Nick Jonas for their joint Future Now Tour.

Okay why the fuck are Lovatics mad at Demi for this? Her Mom said it and was drinking by the looks of it! Why does everyone on the internet have to blow everything out of proportion! I get that it's a disease but seriously people will rip into Demi for anything! And Lovatics if your seriously mad with Demi you have to rethink all she has done for you. Demi should be more appreciated. Why do people who don't even have the disease care. It's like the just fucking looking for something to be mad about and it's so fucking stupid and drives me insane! @ddlovato #demilovato #ddlovato #lovatic #demilovatofan #dontforget #herewegoagain #skyscraper #giveyourheartabreak #unbroken #heartattack #madeintheusa #letitgo #neonlights #reallydontcare #demi #confident #coolforthesummer #stonecold #bodysay #cool #likes #futurenowtour #selenagomez #music #demilovatoexclusives #devonnebydemi #glee #beautiful #demetriadevonnelovato #demetrialovato

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