By Priestly

Every once and a while if ya pay attention…I invite you “Backstage” at the “Priestly Program“!!! ¬†Today was one of em and honestly I just hit broadcast and go…I was not planning on getting into the dog that attacked Benji and my Brother in-law…but I did.

It’s been a tough few days…thankfully all is good…just stressful:

For the entire story…this was the original Facebook post:

“I am losing my ūüí©!!!! As we are enjoying O.C we get a phone call from home, my brother in law who is house sitting and watching Benji said that while walking Benji some neighborhood kids released a Pit bull from its leash and it attacked Benji! Benji is “ok”, I am not! What do I do now?”

Damage from the attack on Benji. (sorry if it's gross)

Damage from the attack on Benji. (sorry if it’s gross)

The GREAT news was, the kids did not “release” the dog (btw the oldest kid was 12). ¬†The dog snapped the leash and got away on it’s own. ¬†We discovered this by going to the owners and confronting them. ¬†Unfortunately, as apologetic as they were…they were also not forth coming about vaccination history or willing to offer any help covering our vet bills. ¬†It was difficult to even get an adult to the door to discuss the situation…ultimately a comment was made that they would have to “bring the dog to the Westminster Farm”. Huh?? ¬†What? ¬†Where? ¬†That comment was all it took, at that point it forced our hand to alert ALL authorities. ¬†Benji is doing better…but this entire situation SUCKED!

Common sense people…big dogs/strong dogs should never be supervised by children. ¬†Parenting is the key! Be smart and respectful…it’s not difficult. ¬†This could have been a much worse situation, Benji could have been a small dog or worse, a child.



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