By Priestly

Yesterday I was downtown at a live broadcast I came across one of BCPD’s finest.  A very nice, and very surprised woman…I’m sad to say.   I never actually had the chance to get her name, our encounter was very brief…

I was live on the air and noticed her patrolling the area…after I was done with my “break” (business lingo for talking on the air) I saw her getting ready to leave…something in me compelled me to run over and thank her for doing what she does and asked if we could take a picture? The look on this wonderful woman’s face was of almost shock/disbelief…was I “punking” her??? This was no prank…it was my first real chance to say thank you. She said that most people don’t feel the same way…that reactions are quite opposite.  Which was when I hugged her and the picture was taken. I said to keep fighting the good fight and to be safe…I again thanked this awesome human and carried on to my silly little show…I am so blessed. This woman puts her life on the line for people to not even be kind to her, not cool.
I teach my kids…they can finish my words when I say, “There are 2 types of people in the world…those who try, and people who don’t. There are people who do and people who don’t and there are people who help…and people who don’t. Who are you?” It’s so freaking simple…if everyone, tried…if everyone did, if everyone helped… what an awesome place this world could be. This woman is trying…she is doing, she is helping….she deserves a lot more than just a hug from me.
Thank you to all our Baltimore City Police and ALL the other officers worldwide.

Priestly and one of Baltimore City's Finest!!!

Priestly and one of Baltimore City’s Finest!!!


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