By Reagan

Men and women use Tinder very differently.  And it turns out that leads to different results:

It makes men happy . . . and it makes women miserable.

A new study found that Tinder is tough on women because it’s giving them a weird sense of rejection that they never had to deal with in old-fashioned dating.

The main reason is that men will swipe right on lots and lots of different profiles and 33% of them say they swipe right on almost every woman.  Women don’t do that: 93% of them only swipe right on guys they’re actually attracted to.

That means when women get a Tinder match, they actually want to see where it goes.  But when guys get a match, it might just be an ego boost, because there’s a decent chance they weren’t that attracted to the woman they swiped right on.

Women are three times more likely than men to actually send a message after they match with someone, but only 42% of those messages get responses.  That means they’re getting rejected the majority of the time, which really stings.

And even if the guy does write back, only about 20% of those conversations lead to them exchanging numbers or going out, which is even more rejection.


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