By Amanda Wicks

Who doesn’t have an Uber story? The popular ride app comes with all kinds of characters, be they drivers or passengers. While using Uber today (July 26), Lorde shared a few of the more laughable moments from her ride.

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Lorde tweeted that her Uber driver was all sorts of chatty about giving a celebrity a ride. But it wasn’t her. No, apparently the passenger before Lorde was another famous person, and the driver didn’t realize he’d provided rides to back-to-back celebrities. She wrote in the first tweet, “uber driver currently busting a nut about the fact that there was a ‘celebrity passenger’ just before me.”

She went on to share how she was sure her driver was disappointed in her as a passenger because she didn’t live up to his previous guest. With her trademark dry wit, Lorde tweeted that her ride “sparkles significantly less for him,” and he was probably still dreaming of sharing a car with his previous passenger.

Whoever the driver is, if he ever gets wind of the fact that he drove Lorde around town after doing so for another celebrity, he’ll have his own fantastic Uber story to share with future (possibly famous) passengers.

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