Just some friends enjoying another friend's birthday party. Nothing to see here.

By Hayden Wright

If we’re to believe the old adage “the enemy of your enemy is your friend,” it makes sense that Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris are looking friendly these days. Harris expressed dismay when ex-girlfriend Taylor swiftly moved on with new love Tom Hiddleston right after their split. Kardashian waged her own beef over Swift’s apparent dishonesty about approving lyrics to her husband Kanye West’s song “Famous.”

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Let’s call them the Taylor Swift Accountability Brigade. The two celebrities from opposite ends of the spectrum have a mutual goal in exposing Swift’s M.O. in love and life. At Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday celebration, the alignment of their interests was lost on nobody. French Montana shared a photo of himself, Kardashian, Lopez, and Harris standing together with a birthday cake.

Both Harris and Kardashian had previously shared Snapchat videos of themselves rapping along to “Famous,” affirming their position on Swift. Where was Katy Perry?

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