We love this guy! Thanks for the warnings, Frankie!

Look out Mary Land; BE PREPARED!

Here’s what Frankie had to say:

“Major snowstorm is on its way for Baltimore, Maryland, on Thursday, February 13, 2014, and it will bring 20+ cm of snow, and it will bring blowing and drifting snow, and the streets will be snow covered in Baltimore, Maryland, and the rest of Maryland and interstate highways will be snow covered too… And people in Baltimore, Maryland, be prepared have your winter boots, winter jackets, hats, gloves, scarfs and ski pants ready… And order your pizzas and Chinese food, and buy cases of Pepsi and Coke, and do your grocery shopping… Don’t wait until the last minute, do it right now and it will be a lot of snow in Baltimore, Maryland, and the rest of Maryland and have your iPads, iPods, cell phones, laptops and tablets charged… And have your 3G and 4G internet ready… And when you are driving your car, take your time driving a car, slow down so you don’t get in the car accidents during the snowstorm in Baltimore, Maryland, and it will bring some whiteout conditions too.”

According to CBC News, “Frankie MacDonald, who has autism, fell in love with the weather as a child. He began producing weather forecasts and uploading them to YouTube.”

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