By Jon Boesche’

Random meanderings from the ole noggin.

-October is the most beautiful month of the year.

Getty Images

Getty Images

-Halloween hold the most memories of any holiday of the year. And the movies are the best.

-I did not understand the greatness of the movie Gravity.

-Couple of celebrities I would like to talk to: Christopher Walken, Steven Tyler, Raquel Welch, Jimmy Fallon.

-Couple of celebs I recently have talked to? Ice Cube, Steve Carrell, Arsenio Hall. Who gave me goosebumps? Steve Carrel.

who is steve carell Peekaboo!

-Celebrity crushes? Sofia Vergara, Mariah Carey. Can’t explain Mariah

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

-My hometown? Two of them. Bear Creek Village Pocono Mts. Pa as a child. Ocean City Maryland as teenager.

-I have three motorcycles: Harley Davidson, Suzuki Hyabusa, Custom.

2619 58153801746 8323318 n44 Peekaboo!

2619 58158376746 2911276 n Peekaboo!


-What I really want to do with my life: philanthropist. In my brother’s name.

-The smell of leaves in the Fall rocks me backwards. Childhood thing.

-Some of my favorite movies? The Dead zone, Top Gun. Field of Dreams.

-Ravens will not make the playoffs. I am prepared for it.

-I don’t drink coffee. Coffee ice cream is my favorite flavor. Not sure why.

-I have about 20 scars on my body.

til next time……


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