Fruit Flies: How To Get Rid Of Them

We just found some fruit flies in the studio. Not sure how they got here, but now we’re trying to get rid of them. Here’s what our listeners have suggested:

– Sit a tall glass with the bottom just filled with red wine and cover with plastic wrap with small holes. The fruit flies will go in and can’t get out.

– Fill a jar with apple cider vinegar, add a bit of dish soap, and wait for the flies to drown themselves in the concoction.

– Get a small container (‚ÄčI use the tiny, shot glass size solo cup), put a slice of banana in it, cover it with plastic wrap, then a rubber band to hold out in place. Then, poke a few holes in the plastic with a pin, or paper clip. The flies get in, can’t get out. .. too dumb I guess.

– I put vinegar in an old sugar shaker jar so they can get in but they can’t get out.

– Fill a glass with beer or soda. Wrap a piece of paper in a cone, and tape it into the glass with the point down, but not in the liquid. The flies spiral down the cone and out the hole and are stuck in the jar.

Know of any other methods? And do the methods above actually work? Let us know!

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