By Priestly

To go GRAND or to the Justice of the Peace???  Rent a PALACE on a mountain top in France…or go barefoot on a beach in OC?  Kelly Clarkson just announced the “cancellation” of her “BIG” wedding “event”…to ELOPE!

So, trust me when I write this…I know wedding planning!  I’ve been married 7 years…and if you can survive the PLANNING, you can survive everything!

Priest and Anthea Wedding

Oh the headaches!  Agreeing on a venue, invitations, flowers, photographer’s/videographer’s, entertainment, food, seating plans, whose invited….I’M BREAKING OUT IN HIVES RIGHT NOW!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So when I recently found out that Kelly Clarkson decided to ditch the plans for a big ordeal…I thought, pretty smart chick!  It sounded like the “pressure” of planning killed the vibe…so when you really break it down, it’s about the couple ONLY!  Sure the family wants in…but, do we really need em’?  What do you think???

We’ll also dive into this on the air…let us know what you think!  410-481-1065, be in there after 3pm!


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