By Jon Boesche’

Nancy got 4 of 5. (missed #3) Reagan 4 of 5. (missed #4)

1) The so called “king of beers” has seen it’s US share dip the last couple years. So now it’s going for world domination. Already launched in Russia & Brazil, it’s now going after China. Which beer has the advertising title of The King of Beers?

2) She was on the red carpet yesterday. The consensus is she’s still as beautiful as she was over 30 years ago when she ran the beach in a one piece with corn rows in her head. She was in the movie 10. Who’s the actress?

3) He was laid to rest yesterday. The death shocked Hollywood. Law & Order. Midnight Run, Get Shorty are just some of his tv/movie credits. Who is the actor?

4) Glamour magazine gets this actress on the cover and she explains things about herself. “I learned to love myself.” Most think she is Hollywood’s cutest actress. And she is still engaged. Her new movie, “We’re the Millers” out August 7. Who is the actress.

5) The sport’s world eagerly awaiting the latest baseball performance enhancing drug scandal carnage. This guy is about to get his ass handed to him. He may be banned for life. And most of baseball doesn’t really care. Who is he?


2)(bo derek)
3)(dennis farina)
4)(jennifer anniston)
5)(alex Rodriguez)


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