What’s it like to have your long-dormant band, which has gone without a full-length release in seven years, rise to its most-visible publicity yet, and then happen to share a name with Edward Snowden, the most wanted man in the world? Serendipitous, strange and kind of funny, said Jordan Jeffares, the frontman and creative force of Austin, Texas band Snowden.

“I can’t take any credit or try to align myself with what this guy is absolutely risking his life to do,” Jeffares said, differentiating himself from the wanted NSA leaker now hiding in Moscow, evading espionage charges. “I totally agree with it. I think it’s brave and heroic to put your stuff on the line [like that]. I don’t know what his motives are. I don’t know if they’re completely pure, regardless of what they are. But it’s simply neat to be tied in with that, if only by name.”

Jeffares said the band has gotten more attention (in website hits, social media feedback) since the news of the Edward Snowden manhunt, but with no evidence of new listeners just yet.

It wasn’t a quick or easy journey for Snowden — a band that built a career alongside the likes of Deerhunter and the Black Lips in Atlanta around 2003 — to earn the listeners it had already. After a modest but successful dry run with Jade Tree in 2006, the label’s staffing changes prompted a drawn-out separation process from the now-dormant Delaware label. Near-successes with courting or being courted by labels went on for years, leaving the band in something of a purgatory. But after touring and developing a relationship with Kings of Leon in 2007, the big-time rockers took on Snowden for their new Nashville-based label Serpents and Snakes, which is comprised mostly of local acts and/or those who rock a bit harder.

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