The Top Ten Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

We’ve got the results of a new study on the most common lies parents tell their kids.  Most of them are basically harmless, but a few are totally scarring. Warning: This list is not for kids that are lied to! Here’s the top 10:

#10.)  “If you don’t follow me, a kidnapper will come grab you,” 17.5%

#9.)  “If you lie to someone, your nose will grow,” 21.2%

#8.)  “I didn’t bring money with me today,” 32.7%

#7.)  “If you don’t quiet down and behave, that lady over there will be angry with you,” 34.5%

#6.)  “We can come back and buy you that toy next time,” 47.8%

#5.)  “There’s no more candy in the house,” 57.5%

#4.)  “That’s beautiful piano playing,” 59.3%

#3.)  “If you put this tooth under your pillow, the Tooth Fairy will bring you money,” 65.8%

#2.)  “If you don’t come with me now, I’ll leave you here by yourself,” 67.5%

#1.)  “Santa Claus will come to bring you presents on Christmas Eve,” 87.6% of parents have said that.

Wait, how is the last one a lie? Does he bring them Christmas morning? Yes…that must be it!

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