By Reagan

What were some of the most popular posts of 2012? Here’s a look at what our audience clicked on most:

1. Top Wedding First Dance Songs of 2012

Lots of people wanted a newer, more unique wedding song, and this list featuring Christina Perri, Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars hopefully helped some lost brides and grooms.

2. Halloween Costume Ideas and Suggestions 2012

Everyone wants to be original and fun with their costume, right? This list, featuring Psy, Honey Boo Boo and Naked Prince Harry, already feels like a dated time capsule for last fall.

3. 20 Most Requested Wedding Dance Songs of 2012

Another list that hopefully was helpful to anyone planning a wedding’s playlist. Most weddings we’ve been to lately have played a lot of these songs. What song beat out Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” to be number one? Click the link to find out!

4. What They Look Like Now: Cole and Dylan Sprouse (Zack and Cody)

Everyone wants to see how Zack and Cody…and the kid from Big Daddy…look at age 20.

5. Shirley Temple Turns 83. See What She Looks Like Today

And the same goes for another child star that’s just a tad older.

6. Cancellation Watch: What Shows Are Canceled For The 2012-2013 Season?

Shows are often pulled from TV networks without any acknowledgment. This list is a great guide, that’s constantly updated, for shows that are gone or about to end.

7. Jennifer Aniston’s Foot Tattoo and 36 Other Celebrity Feet Tattoos

Who knew?

8. The Top Break-Up Songs of 2012

At least this isn’t as popular as the wedding song lists! Everyone likes to wallow in some sadness after a break-up, and this list is a helpful assistant to that wallowing.

9. 11 Actresses Who Auditioned To Play Katniss In The Hunger Games

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss, but these are the actresses she beat to win the role.

10. How Seven Nation Army Became The Pump-Up Song at M&T Bank Stadium…And Four Songs They Almost Played Instead

It’s an unofficial anthem for Ravens fans, but how did it become so? This post chronicles the song’s rise on Russell Street.


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