Ke$ha is burning up the world while her new single “Die Young” blasts out of every pair of speakers in the known universe. The Animal/Cannibal is back as a Warrior— and she’s ready to explain what “Die Young” means to her.

In an interview with Australian morning show Sunrise, Ke$ha clarifies that she hasn’t gone morbid, zombie obsessed or become a big Woody Allen fan with the track.

“‘Die Young’ is not about actually dying young,” Ke$ha says. “That is not what the song is about. The song is about living life, living every day [and] every night like you could die young because you never know what’s going to happen…seize the moment. That’s the whole concept of the album and the way I live.”

The pop star also told her fans, in a piece recorded by her French label, how the song came to be. And sheds a little more light on her party style.

“I’m really, really happy with this song,” Ke$ha says. “I wrote it with this guy named Nate [Ruess], he’s in a band called fun. Period. It’s really a celebration of life every day. I feel like I’m known for writing party anthems because I’m really good at partying, it’s like one of my specialities. But this [song] takes partying to almost a deeper level. How you should party and live your life as a celebration, as if it were the last night of you life. Every night.”

One final question remains: what will Ke$ha do when the world does come to an end? Surprisingly, the answer involves her cat, Mr. Peeps.

“If it was the last night in the world, I would probably take Mr. Peeps to 7-11,” Ke$ha says. “I’d probably drink a 40, sit there [and] party with my cat until the world ended.”

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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