By Priestly

So I wanted to post something yesterday about my big boy Jack taking on kindergarten!!!  How PROUD I was, how sad I was, how freaked out I STILL am…then this whole Perry Hall thing happens and….

I was stuck!  Even being on the air yesterday was a challenge…what to say…what NOT to say (which I do ALOT)…We live in a world where this school shooting thing is becoming all too common…if not schools, movie theaters, parking lots, malls, streets…everywhere.  This is way to scary for me…let alone the world I’m trying to create for my children.

Which brings me back to Jack and  his 1st day of kindergarten!!!!  A MILESTONE in one’s life and in their families lives!  I felt like it was my first day…look at my handsome big boy!!

jacks 1st day1 Priestlys (just one Dads) thoughts on this School/Gun thing...

He was sooo excited to wear his new sneakers…spike his hair and take on the greatest adventure in his life!!!  And me being a new parent was right there every nervous step of the way!  For the record, he ROCKED  it!!!  Day 2, right this second…he is back and no news is good news!  BUT, yesterday we had some HARD CORE BAD NEWS!

A school shooting occurred, right here in our own back yard!!!  On the other side of town…a VERY safe distance from Jack…in a High School…some kid, on the first day of school SHOOTS ANOTHER STUDENT…with a SHOTGUN!  Are you F’ING KIDDING ME!  Every time I hear about one of these events, I stop dead in my tracks.  All of sudden a very special day…was clouded by some very ignorant, selfish young man…who obviously NEEDED help, and for whatever reason… didn’t get it.

Doing afternoons on a station like Mix 1065…we’re not supposed to get all “political”…it’s fun times and your favorite music…but I feel like I need to throw a few thoughts out there on, how do we stop this from EVER happening again!

I feel like the “Elephant”  in the room is definitely Gun Control…there I said it!  If guns were illegal…this would be very difficult…not impossible, but very difficult.  Marijuana…illegal…Gay marriage, still for the most part illegal.   Why, these things don’t end lives…well marriage might, but that’s another discussion!!! 😉

That’s called nipping it in the bud!!!  Addressing the problem at the root, but realistically…that aint happening!!!!

So how can we work together to ensure our children’s safety…Some ideas just off the top of my head…

1)Metal Detectors on all entrances…on ALL schools, manned by security.  Maybe even, everywhere (Movie Theaters,Super Markets,Malls)???  This would create a ton of work…more jobs, more people getting paid!

2)Hold the parents EQUALLY responsible for their kids???  I know, crazy…but it sure would make ya keep that extra eye out for your kid.

3)Lead by example, all this bullying CRAP can be seen all the way up!  It happens in Politics…just look at the Dems/Repubs… EMBARRASSING!!!  I’ve witnessed it in the work place…my former employer would hold it over our heads “You’re lucky to have a job”…me: “No, you’re lucky I choose to work for you”…sporting…it is everywhere…and these are supposed to be ADULTS!  Mean what ya say…say what ya mean!

It all starts by treating each other with respect and kindness.  It’s the Golden Rule:

“Do unto other’s as you would have other’s do unto you!”

Here’s to an AWESOME school year!!!!


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