The school year is starting back up, and if you’re a parent, we’ve got a list that might help you out this year.  “Reader’s Digest” talked to a bunch of different principals.  Here are the eight things they wish every parent knew.

1.)  When You Say Your Child Would Never Lie to You, You’re Being Naïve.  A lot of the time, straight-A students and kids who never get in trouble are the ones who DO lie when they make a mistake.

–Because they don’t want their parents to know they’re not perfect.

2.)  He Knows More About Your Private Life Than You Think.  Kids talk a LOT, and one principal admitted that he ends up knowing WAY too much about some of the parents . . . including what their money issues are, and how often they fight.

3.)  If There’s a Problem, Talk to the Teacher First.  Another principal said his biggest pet peeve is when parents go straight to HIM to complain, without talking to the teacher first.

4.)  He KNOWS Some of the Teachers Suck.  But even if he’s planning to FIRE them, he probably can’t say anything about it for legal reasons.

5.)  Bullies Aren’t Usually Expelled.  According to one principal, quote, “We suspend them again and again, but it’s very tough to expel a student.  The truth is, they have a right to an education.”

6.)  Kids Are Pretty Easy to Deal With.  It’s the PARENTS who are tough, because they’re constantly trying to solve their kids’ problems for them.

7.)  If You Want to Talk, Make an Appointment.  Or at least go to their OFFICE.  Principals hate it when parents try to have a “quick” conversation about their kid during a school play or a sporting event.

8.) The Smartest Kids Aren’t Necessarily the Teacher’s “Favorites.”  Most teachers value hard work more than they value someone’s IQ.

Reader’s Digest


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