Colorado Shooting: Univ. of Maryland Bound Student Has Miracle Recovery, And You Can Help Her

Petra Anderson is a music student bound for the University of Maryland’s graduate studies program. After being shot in the face during the tragic theater shootings in Aurora CO, Petra’s outlook appeared grim. But strangely enough, a defect in her brain saved her life, and the prognosis is now for a full recovery. How can you help Petra? It’s really easy.

Petra’s story is quite interesting. She had a small brain defect she was never aware of, one that would probably never come to be known, it was that slight. Her brain had small channels which created a gap between the critical tissues, which control vital cognitive functions like speech and sight. Amazingly, those channels kept shotgun pellets from doing any severe damage. She is expected to fully recover.

Sadly, her mom just received a diagnosis of breast cancer, which is severely cutting into the family finances. A fund has been established to help the family cope with the rising medical costs.

Here’s Petra’s sister to explain:

“Our family has been shaken by the events of last Friday but we have not been broken,”¬†she said.¬†“We’re watching heroes appear everywhere we look.”

You can donate to the fund and read more about Petra and her Mom’s stories¬†here.

Huffington Post


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