Summer is officially here and with that so is the heat. Here are 10 tracks to keep you cool when the temperature proves unbearable.

1. Jack Johnson “From The Clouds”

Singer-songwriter and surfer Jack Johnson is the perfect remedy for a soothing escape during the hot days of summer. Grab your surf board and meet him in the water.

2. Ne-Yo “Can We Chill”

Ne-Yo’s smooth vocals are enough to cool down any listener on a sweltering day. Join the seductive crooner on the sand on the set of his instant island get-a-way.

3. New Kids On the Block “Summertime”

The Boston boys leave the city for the sand on this summer jam. Plenty of pickup lines showcased in here, just in case you need a few for that cutie you spot on the sand.

4. Sia “I’m In Here”

Before she was featured on hot club tracks “Titanium” and “Wild Ones,” Sia cooled things down with powerful ballads like “I’m In Here.” Share a seat on the plane next to her and allow Sia to transport you into the clouds with this piano infused track.

5. Colbie Caillat “Bubbly”

From the first strum of her acoustic guitar, Colbie Caillat recounts summer love. Join the beach beauty and make some new memories this Fourth of July weekend.

6. Air “Playground Love”

If the shore isn’t your idea of the perfect summer spot hit the playground in Air’s soaring ballad. It’s slow like molasses and you know everything slows down when it’s too darn hot outside.

7. DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince “Summertime”

There isn’t quite a summer anthem like DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime.” Take the party outside and strike up the grill for a laid-back BBQ. If it gets too hot, open that fire hydrant and cool down, but don’t say we told you that.

8. Norah Jones “Don’t Know Why”

Take a stroll by the water’s edge with Norah Jones and learn from her mistakes: give that certain someone a call back if they’re on your mind.

9. Owl City “Fireflies”

If the sun is too hot for your liking, wait until dusk to get some fresh air. Then, go outside and catch some fireflies.

10. Tristan Prettyman “Love Love Love”

Sounds of the beach introduce this track while delicately strummed acoustic guitar and Tristan Prettyman‘s angelic vocals ease the listener. Enjoy the beach views in this music video.

 -Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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