On May 24, Train played a private show for Mix 106.5 at Baltimore Soundstage. Here’s a transcript of the entire interview that took place between songs:

Jojo: First question comes from one of our coworkers, Tish: she was wondering if a greatest hits album is on the horizon?

Pat Monahan: Yeah, I think we were going to try to make a Christmas record or something first.

Reagan: You guys have done tons of TV appearances, pretty much every show thatʼs out there. Are there any that stick out in your mind as being a fun TV appearance?

Scott Underwood: We just did Sesame Street and we wanted to do that for years and itʼs actually really hard to get on Sesame Street, so that was one of our goals. We sang with Elmo and The Count. Yeah, itʼs cool.

R: Did they rework one of your songs?

SU: Yeah, well, they turned “Drive By” into “Five Guys,” so you could count.

PM: (singing) “We are just five guys, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.” (imitates The Countʼs laugh)

R: How surreal was it to be on Sesame Street, on the actual place?

SU: It was amazing. I mean, itʼs the same set that theyʼve always had, so you know, weʼve all grown up with it. We got into Oscarʼs garbage can and Big Birdʼ nest, the grocery store–whatʼs that called? Hooperʼs? [I was] in the garbage can, yeah. I needed to use it for a toilet. There was no bathroom in there, is that cool?

J: Who comes up with the pop culture references that you drop? Is that all you, Pat, in the songs?

PM: Yeah, sorry about that. I just think proper nouns kind of make things more interesting. Iʼm not very good at writing things that donʼt have a lot of that description. I donʼt know how to do that very well. Itʼs actually an art; there are some people who are so good at it. I donʼt know why I canʼt do it, but I have to say “soy latte” or itʼs all over.

J: You could write with Kanye West, as far as dropping pop culture references into songs.

PM: You know, he actually paid us a huge compliment when he was in his second or third year. He said that he watched us on the Grammyʼs and when he saw us perform “Drops of Jupiter,” he said “Thatʼs what itʼs all about, I gotta get there.” So I thought that was a really cool thing. So to be compared to him in any way is cool, other than being him at the Grammyʼs.

R: It sounds like that might be up there, but whatʼs been the coolest professional experience youʼve had since you started?

PM: I gotta tell you, I had a really kind of weird emotional breakdown in the van ride over here because the guy driving was more touching in his life story than any celebrity could ever dream up in their wildest dreams. Heʼs a veteran from Vietnam and he has six children and heʼs just such a stand-up, amazing human being that that was just the highlight of my career today. He turned a very tiring day into “what a blessing to be in this guyʼs presence.” So just regular human beings, thatʼs where the inspiration is in life. But if that didnʼt work out for you, meeting Jesus was cool.

R: We mentioned at the beginning that you guys played Preakness one year ago. Pat, you were certainly memorable for wearing the stereotypical Preakness hat, I think you stole it off a woman? Big, flowery Preakness hat?

PM: I asked if I could borrow her flowery hat and I looked–this is a true story, the other day we did a show and Enrique Iglesias was there and he and we have met before a couple times. He was really different this time, he was like, “Oh itʼs so good to see you. The sound guy told me that youʼre married… to a man. Is that true?” And I was like, “Yeah!” Because thatʼs just better press. But thereʼs a big rumor that Iʼm gay, I guess, out there, so the Preakness thing didnʼt help at all.

R: Has anyone heard that rumor? I hear a lot of rumors, Iʼve never heard that one.

PM: Nobody?! Well start it then!

R: Weʼll start spreading it. The hat, if you didnʼt see it last year, was easily four or five feet–it was a huge diameter. Was that a fun event for you guys to do? Just to play a field with a sea of people beyond it?

Jimmy Stafford: Yeah, it was a lot of fun.

R: A little different than this, right? What is it like? Two night ago youʼre in front of 18,000 people in Philly, now youʼre in front of 40 of our listeners. Is it a different experience completely playing the same songs?

PM: My jokes donʼt go over as well in front of a small crowd, as we have found out. Iʼve always wondered, at the Preakness, how come nobody names their horses Elmerʼs? Told you it didnʼt go over all that well. Every time I make eye contact with you two, you look away right away. I love that. I wish our crew guys were like that.

JS: Did you see, during that last song they even took off for that corner.

PM: “The songʼs almost over, theyʼre gonna embarrass us again, letʼs go over there.”


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