“American Idol” May Tweak the Voting System and the Judges’ Panel for Next Season

“American Idol” is still the most-watched show on TV, but it lost a lot of ground this past season. And, Fox has said there may be some changes on the horizon.

Now, the president of the company that owns the rights to “Idol” says that they’re thinking about “overhauling the show’s voting system.” There aren’t any specifics yet, but apparently he feels the recent TYPE of “Idol” winner has become stale.

He says, quote, “They’re being called WGWGs . . . White Guys With Guitars.”

The last five winners could fit in that category: Phillip Phillips, Scotty McCreery, Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen and David Cook. (–Although, to me, Scotty and Phillip don’t seem quite as generic as the other three.)

He also says there could be a shake-up on the judges’ panel. The ratings did go UP when they initially brought in STEVEN TYLER and JENNIFER LOPEZ two seasons ago.

–If J-Lo doesn’t want to come back, Fox will be forced to bring in at least one new judge . . . but a judging change is a relatively safe, short-term “fix.”

Why not take this opportunity to try something BOLDER . . . a significant format change that will enliven the fan base, and bring back viewers that have become bored with the show.

If you were one of the producers on the show, what would you do to change things up? What would you want to see “Idol” do?

I would strip it back down to one hour, and focus on the singers more than the “mentors”.


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