There’s a new social network for pet owners called Klooff, and they did a survey to find out which dog breeds make you most attractive to the opposite sex.

 –Here are the five dogs that make GUYS more attractive to WOMEN:

#1.)  German Shepherds.

#2.)  Golden Retrievers:  Women are 10 times more likely to see a guy with a golden as “marriage material” than a guy with a pit bull.

#3.)  Labrador Retrievers.

#4.)  Siberian Huskies.

#5.)  French Bulldogs:  Those are the mini-bulldogs with the pointy ears that stick up.  Apparently women see guys with bulldogs or pit bulls as mainly “hook up” material.

–And here are the five dogs that make WOMEN more attractive to MEN . . . as if they need a dog to do that.

#1.)  Golden Retrievers:  Guys are more likely to consider a girl with a golden to be “girlfriend material” than one with a Chihuahua.

#2.)  Labrador Retrievers.

#3.)  Chihuahuas:  Most men think Chihuahua owners are dumb, and are five times more likely to consider them for a one-night stand than a girl who has a Golden Retriever.

#4.)  Poodles.

#5.)  Beagles.



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