Songwriting is often so personal and many artists liken it to writing in their diary. Graffiti6’s Jamie Scott told CBS Local that he waits to write a song until he feels something.

“There’s a difference. There’s writing a song and lying to yourself a little bit to write a lyric and then there’s writing a song because you generally feel that way,” he said.

Scott said he has never been afraid to reveal too much in a song.

“I’ve never really thought about that. The girl that I wrote a lot of my music about when I was younger was actually in the audience for a few of the shows when I first wrote the material on my last record which was all about her,” he said.

Knowing she was in the audience didn’t change anything for him.

“I never once, even in that situation, questioned whether I should be doing it. It wasn’t awkward,” he said. “I suppose you just do it and it makes you feel better. There’s something about being on stage and having a guitar that you can hide behind for a bit. It’s not like you and I sitting face to face, maybe that’s it.”

As to whether or not that girl in the audience knew the songs were about her, it’s pretty evident she managed to figure it out.

“I even wrote one with her name in it,” Scott admitted.

– Annie Reuter CBS Local


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