If you’re just out of college and you still feel like a teenager, don’t sweat it — your brain isn’t an adult yet. There’s a stdy that says adulthood starts at 24 — and we even found a guy who has recorded a rap about it, which makes being 24 even more underwhelming.

No one between the ages of 18 and 23 would EVER believe it if you told them, but a massive new international study published in a medical journal called “The Lancet” found that people don’t become real adults until AGE 24.

It’s not just that they don’t have life experience . . . the study found the BRAIN doesn’t even fully develop until then.

Up until that point, the brain is still in its adolescent phase, where it’s less equipped to deal with the effects of drinking and drugs.  It also does a worse job assessing risk, which is why people keep acting like teenagers even in their early 20s.

And now, let’s pile on.  When you look at the U.S. statistics from the study, we have the highest rates of teenage drug abuse, alcohol abuse, obesity, and violent deaths in the developed world.

On the bright side, we’re middle-of-the-pack when it comes to teen sex rates, and toward the top when it comes to teen exercise rates.

Daily Mail


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