And Now, Three More Things to Worry About

Everyone’s been enjoying the early Spring weather and looking way too relaxed for me, so I thought a little worry would help you from getting too chill…

#1.)  If You Get Lightheaded Or Dizzy When You Stand Up Too Quickly, YOU’RE GONNA DIE.  Researchers have found that it’s a possible sign of blood pressure issues, and could indicate you’re prone to heart failure in the future.

–Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone who occasionally gets lightheaded when they stand up is about to have a heart attack.  There are other factors involved.  But there’s a chance they’re connected.  So that ain’t good.  (CBS News)

#2.)  Ever Buy Cheap Jewelry?  YOU’RE GONNA DIE.  A nonprofit called the Ecology Center tested cheap jewelry from places like Target, Claire’s, Forever 21, Walmart, and Hot Topic.

–They found more than half contained lead, and 10% had cadmium, which is toxic.  So if you don’t wash your hands before you eat, or your young children put the jewelry in their mouths . . . there’s a chance of illness or even death.  (Jezebel)

#3.)  Ever Drive Barefoot Or In Flip-Flops?  YOU’RE GONNA DIE.  A new survey found that 10% of people have driven wearing slippers, 25% have driven barefoot, and 27% of men and 39% of women have driven in flip-flops.

–When you’re not wearing shoes, you’re at a significantly greater risk of not being able to brake or accelerate properly, and losing control of the car.  (


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