We’ve compiled the latest odds from online sportsbooks Pinnacle, Paddy Power and Bovada, averaged them out and come up with our own numbers for who will win American Idol this year. Here are the favorites, from worst to first:


Jeremy Rosado – Eliminated 3/8/12

Jermaine Jones – Eliminated from show for past crimes 3/13/12

Shannon Magrane - Eliminated 3/15/12

Erika Van Pelt – Eliminated 3/22/12

Heejun Han - Eliminated 3/29/12

DeAndre Brackensick – Eliminated 4/5/12



8. DeAndre Brackensick, 50/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 elise testone American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

7.  Elise Testone, 33/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 joshua ledet American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

6. Joshua Ledet, 9/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 skylar laine American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

5. Skylar Laine, 8/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 hollie cavanagh American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

4. Hollie Cavanaugh, 7.5/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 colton dixon American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

3. Colton Dixon, 4.79/1
american idol predicted winners 2012 phillip phillips American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

2. Phillip Phillips,  2.34/1

american idol predicted winners 2012 jessica sanchez American Idol 2012 Winner Predictions [UPDATED 4/02]

1.  Jessica Sanchez,  2.16/1

Comments (11)
  1. CCattano says:

    Good call on all.

  2. Jen Z says:

    I partially agree w/some of the predictions…Top 4 will be Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Skylar Laine and Jessica Sanchez–“my” predictions :))

  3. My prediction in Top 5 would be : Phil Phillips, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, Colton Dixon, and Skylar Laine. Colton and Skylar will end up in 5th or 4th place, Phil will end up in 3rd place, whereas Jessica or Hollie will share the crown for each becomes winner or runner-up.

  4. a says:

    top 5 should be deandre brackensick, jessica sanchez, elise testone, joshua ledet, and either erika van pelt or phillip phillips

  5. alicia legay says:

    i love
    DEANDRE <33333

  6. kent profitt says:

    Phillip Phillips takes Idol, the rest don’t have all the combo it takes to be a ready now recording artist. also, the name of the game isn’t maybe, it’s who can hit the charts running.

  7. LAYLA says:

    I LOVE YOU SKILER AND JOSHAUA even know i’m 8 years old anyway I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!. LOVE LAYLA

  8. Mary lou says:

    Why is it that that screaming not singing Joshua get a standing ovation form the judges and a freaking choir with every song!!!!!! Stop……..it……..

    He needs to stop he is awful ……. Really people

  9. Mary lou says:

    Philip Phillips ……….the winner of American idol!!!!!

  10. Hershey says:

    Since I’m country fan I’m hoping for Skylar win. I disagree with her elimination prior to Holly. Love Holly, her personality and voice, but she seriously lacks the it factor despite fantastic looks and voice. She is going to fall in path of Pia P….great talent but too reserved for stage. I started out liking Phillip Phillips a little bit but I’m growing tired of same grunting sound regardless of song. Ever thing he sings sounds like someone having difficult bowel movement. I realize he must be incredibly talented according to reactions of judges and public, but I just don’t care for that sound and style; however, I love the humble personality, Wasn’t he primarily country b/f idol…..would love to hear that? Joshua L. is good, but can be on the boring side as well. As time goes on I like Colton more and thought the duet w/Skylar was great. Jessica is definitely the best vocalist but again sometimes boring. I know how hard it is for female to pull in votes for win, but think Skylar is following similar pace as Scotty M…slow and steady and stronger toward finish. She’s consistent and her “down home girl” persona seems genuine as contrasted w/last yrs Lauren A’s overly-dramatic put on of small town country gal. While she really was and still is small town, I don’t think she ever sincerely saw herself as that. She’s had her eyes on glam lifestyle for quite some time. I don’t get how she claims not to be dumb blonde and then proceeds to play the part at each public appearance…whatever, Skylar seems more the real thing and last yr proved that America loves and votes for the genuine personality….If she maintains momentum, I’m hoping for a female country artist win and thinking Skylar has more to show us than what we’ve seen thus far. Dial Idol showed her w/most votes for last night.

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