14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands


Are you having Kanye West over to the house for your Super Bowl party? Better have pistachios ready, and THEY BETTER NOT BE RED!!!!

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez certainly aren’t the only divas in Hollywood: Nicki Minaj’s concert rider, recently revealed in a magazine interview, show that she has some pretty involved backstage demands as well. Those include three 12-piece buckets of spicy fried chicken, no thighs, and scented candles smelling like baked goods. The Huffington Post rounds up the food requests of 13 other celebrities:

  • Jordin Sparks: The American Idol alum only wants healthy food, including a jar of kosher pickle spears.jordin 14 Wacky Celebrity Food DemandsLady Gaga: Her rider doesn’t demand food at all, just beverages including Red Bull.
  • gaga 14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands
  • Drake: The rapper asks for comfort food like soup and, of course, lots of alcohol.
  • drake 14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands
  • Justin Bieber: The teen wants potato chips, of course, as well as candy from his native Canada.
  • beebs 14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands
  • Kanye West: He wants pistachios, but they better not be red ones.
  • kanye 14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands
  • Adele: Don’t even think about providing this crooner with American beer
  • adele 14 Wacky Celebrity Food Demands

Click for the full list, especially if you want to know which singer is addicted to Nesquick and Flintstone’s chewable vitamins, and which one requests a hockey puck from the local team.


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