As Reagan’s finding out, choosing the perfect wedding dance for you and your soon to be bride/husband is a difficult process. You want it to be a) personal, b) unique yet familiar, c) romantic, d) the right tempo, the list goes on and on….

Listeners called and texted in their ideas for Reagan, and shared their own songs, which probably just made his list of potential songs grow by 500.

This caller made Jojo come up with an idea — although it was a bad one…

This caller pays close attention to the show, but Jojo ruins it by remembering only bad things about the song…

And here’s a couple more suggestions…

Here’s a great list compiled by our texters…Good stuff, folks, and a nice little reference page:

I like I’m yours by the script

Great wedding song is Love Can Build a Bridge

Marry you by Bruno Mars.

Our wedding song was James Taylors’ Secret of Life. He’s classic and smooth but the song is not that common. Might be hard to do a choreographed dance to, tho?

At Last by various artists or Let’s Stay Together by Al greene

I Believe in You – Joe feat. NSYNC. Listen to it…now. It’ll change your life.

Wedding song… Love of my life by michael w smith and jim brinkman

“home” by Edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes is the cutest song ever 🙂

You’ve Got a Way – Shania Twain

Make You Feel My Love is on Adele’s “19” I believe. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

Wedding song suggestion. For you- john denver but not what you think. The lyrics are incredible! I believe there r different versions

Go retro. At Last by Etta James or Longer by Dan Fogelberg.

Whoops, THANK YOU bhy Led Zepp! Duh, lol. 🙂

At Last..Beyonce has a more modern version

Our first dance at our wedding was Baby I’m Amazed by Jem (a cover of the Paul McCartney song).

For Regan: George Straight I Cross My Heart It’s old but a great wedding song. We used it 13 yrs ago

Our Love Is Here To Stay – an old song – Natalie Cole has a very good version.

When you say nothing at all. By Alyson krouse or Keith Whitley. There is a version with both voices. It’s awesome.

My best friend- Tim McGraw

I’ve always thought Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds was awesome if u wanted to do a more theatrical first dance lol

She by Elvis Costello..chk it out

My husband and I were going to dance to grow old with me by postal service but chose lucky by Jason mraz and colbie. We also had a slide show playing cause I didn’t want everyone just watching us dance.

I’ve finally found someone by Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams

We had the same issue we chose uncle kracker smile it was a fun dance not all serious 🙂

al green let’s stay together

Your guardian angel by red jumpsuit apperattus

“Someone Like You” by Van Morrison from Poetic Champions Compose

alabamA….yove got the touxch..beautiful song

Another one bites the dust by Queen

Kci and jojo. All my life

Reo speedwagon. Can’t fight this feeling

In your eyes – Peter Gabriel

Adele does a version of Make you feel my love, and it’s beautiful!

John legend.i will stay

Faithfully by journey was our song. It played on our first date. Tina

i’ll be. by mccain?

Griffin house- better than love

History in the making,by darius rucker.

Never gonna be alone. Had it at our wedding. Big hit

Jack johnson- better together

Reagan check out question by rhett miller, be mine or this year’s love by david gray

My everything by Keith urban

Old song by eric benet’ and tamia….spend my life with you. BEAUTIFUL !!

What about David gray’s this years love?

‘Its your love’ by Faith Hill Tim McGraw

Natalie cole “this will be”

When I Fall In Loue. Nat King Cole

Wedding song… fire & ice by ben harper

lonestar – amazed or tim mcgraw n faith hill – my best friend ~Pam~

Reagan, out wedding song was beautiful as you by Jim brickman/Wayne Brady. Perfect wedding song -Roland

I just got married last saturday and the song we danced 2 was called when i said i do by kenny lattimore and chante moore. It is such a beautiful song

Go back in time. Perhaps the time when born, graduated. You will know it when you here it. SUE b

In Your Eyes or First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

I love the way u love me by John Michael Montgomery

Highway to Hell, the perfect wedding song.

My hubby and I used ‘aint love a kick in the head’ by sinatra. We met in and still do martial arts together 🙂

Love that Kelly Clarkson song Stay with You for a wedding song!

Our wedding sone was Nothing Else Matters

There is an old song that tim mcgraw and faith hill did, i believe called its your love, great song. I love that song, wish it still got radio play. .

My husband and I used “You and I” by Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle. It is a beautiful song.

“First Dance” by Corey Smith

“Suffocate” by J.Holiday

Willie nelson, always on my mind was mine

Billy joel – i love u just the way you are

My 1st My Last My Everything. Barry White. It’s a fun song!

How about “I Do” by Paul Brandt? It’s a country song song but very good

Cross My Heart by George Strait

Warfield – Instrumental! Problem solved!!!!

Ours is love of a lifetime by firehouse

True companion by mark cohen

Did somebody mention “Home” — Good! Here’s my fave version:

Comments (3)
  1. Cate says:

    One more suggestion….Cizen Cope- Sideways, inde/awesome, listen to it!

  2. Emily says:

    “I’ll Be Your Lover, Too” by Van Morrison. It’s perfect. No one knows it and everyone asked me about it after the dance. Amazing lyrics.

  3. Sam says:

    What was the song that Jojo played a clip of that day by Ryan Adams? (He said his brother sent it to him and he recommended it). It is driving me nuts trying to remember!

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